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Introduces the operation of the "World Bird Index" and contact info.

About World Bird Index

World Bird Index Is a site where you can search the classifications and names of birds in the world.

Currently, about 11,160 species of birds are recorded in the world. The classification of birds has also been greatly reviewed, based on the results of DNA analysis in the past 10 years.

This site uses the latest IOC World Bird List to extract bird classifications and names by Japanese names, scientific names, and English names and make them available.

As well as a bird name index, please utilize it for the bird name database etc. at the time of field note and life list making.

Site operation and contact information

World Bird Index is a voluntary site linked with theの "Japanese Wild Bird List" group on facebook, and is run by group manager Rie Uchida.

The purpose of the site is to provide an easy-to-use bird name database (especially in Japanese names) that reflects the latest classification information, and is not intended to present academic materials or research results.

Please use the、 "Japanese Wild Bird List" group to make inquiries regarding opinions, requests, site operations, etc., including provision of information on bird name data.

Please use the following button. We also accept direct messages.

Use of the bird name data

The bird name data in the World Bird Index is based on the IOC World Bird List, with Uchida adding Japanese name classifications (orders, families, and genera).

As a rule, search results are freely available, but when using in research papers or works, please specify the name of this site and the IOC World Bird List as the reference source.

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