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Species list of birds observed in Japan.

Japanese Bird List

Download"Japanese Bird List (7th edition)" (csv)※1

This species list relies on "Bird research confirmed species list (7th edition)" edited by Bird Reseachin Japan.

However, the classification (order, family) bases on the latest IOC list (Version 13.2).

Additionally, there are major differences in scientific names between "Japanese Bird List (7th edition) " and the latest IOC list. Both are listed in the "List of Japanese Birds" (csv) above, so please make use of it.

Note that the following is not included in this list, as it does not exist in the newest IOC list(Version 12.2):

カナダカモメLarus thayeri
ミヤコショウビンTodiramphus miyakoensis

※1  Written in Japanese.

※2  「キアシセグロカモメ Larus michahellis」(Yellow-legged Gull) was added in IOC 12.1.